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We sell brand Valves of the following types:

  • Diaphragm Valves
  • Non Return Valves
  • Air Release Valves

Flow Switches

STOTKO Engineering (Pty) Ltd sells and consults on Flow Switches.

Facts on Flow Switches:

  • HNMS or HNMQ oscillating flap system not tight sealing, for pure, liquid and also aggressive substances,
  • Up to 80ºC, 20 ºE, in as far as GBz, WBz, Rg, Ms, PP are resistant.
  • ND 10/16 at least 0.5 bar constant pressure.
  • Available in 3 Sizes : ½" to 2", for 5 to 300 liters/min Flow Range
  • 1-2 micro-changers Voltage 230V, 15A, or 1 x Q switching tube 230V, 6A, adjustable with regulating screw and indicator.
  • Dial according to flow Quantity
  • 3 fittings positions H, VST, VF, only at the pressure side.